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Elaboration 61

Thucydides remarked clearly that during the plague, the pious were as much affected as the non-pious. His excellent description of the events, made it known to the world (2500 years ago) that not only should we refuse to take gods and other superstitions into account with regard to our reality, but also that the resistance against this horrible illness, depended on ideational conditions, (non-physical means). We may safely believe him, he was no Herodotus. Besides, ... he survived while he was visited by the plague himself. Although his description still finds a place in our (medical) literature, this aspect, the absolute non-physical (mental, ideational) nature of resistance against all diseases, cancer and multiple sclerosis included, is carefully avoided. Even, should an article be submitted with regard to these very serious illnesses, it would not be accepted by the editor, it failing in ... physics (authentic experience).

Ven 2007-09-11