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Elaboration 66

Urgency number 10 (i.e. 12 in our old-fashioned arithmetic system) meant the highest priority. It was derived from the table of truth. In this latter, the highest form of truth is facts (events that 'had' happened), the next and lower one was 9 (11 in our system). This is incomparable in truthfulness, and encompasses the natural laws. Things of which we 'almost' know for certain that they will happen (gravitation e.g. might stop being any moment) they are not 'after' the facts (like events) but before (future). By putting 10 as urgency on an envelope, every citizen was certain that it came on the desk of a governor. Naturally, there were sanctions for cranks using up costly time for nonsense by the method of the 10 urgency. Before deciding to vote, in government, it was always asked if a 10 was present, meaning a totally new, 'and' serious omission in former knowledge about the subject. Voting would be halted thereby, more time and discussion made possible.

Ven 2007-09-11