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Elaboration 16

The South-African Boer war was as much the result of superstition (the idea that Britain had the right to ...) as it is in the contemporary war of whites against the black slaves. It is the result of the superstitious idea that dark coloured people are inferior, have less rights than whitish people. (Often with the Bible in the hand). It is virtually the same as the idea that some god has commanded one to slaughter the infidel (Christians or Moslems), that my god is far better than yours and so on. It all is the belief in an irrationality 'as if true' in our reality, a superstition. Certainly, apart from the colour, other characteristics of peoples on the Earth may differ, as the French e.g. seem most naturally the very very strongest 'nationalists' with the Germans in the second place. But the simple rights and duties just cannot be different by that. The French have a right to survive, a duty to assist with this, and so do the Germans, and all black and other coloured people as well.

Ven 2007-09-11