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Elaboration 27

All living things can only do, and are always doing, that what makes them different from the inanimate, i.e. ideation. A social science that studies everything 'except' precisely this idea and ideation, might correctly be called a pseudology, swindle, sham, by every commonsensical thinking person. Mental science, ideation theory, is the only study of life, 'as' life. The named sociologists too, were contaminated by this pseudology. Another matter is that this pseudology apes physical science, in order to at least 'look' scientific. They have slide-ruled it, they are computer, mathematics enthusiasts, not knowing that social science is so fundamentally ifferent from the inanimate science, that even, knowing a thing twice is not possible. For the sake of our (planetary) safety, we cannot leave important matters in these pseudological hands. Real science is required, a real science for physics, and a real science for sociology. This latter can only start with extensive study in ideation theory, in mind.

Ven 2007-09-11