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Elaboration 35

For shame, that it was a pope who protested strongly against deadly entertainments like motor-racing, mountaineering, boxing, etc. He did it on grounds of a superstition, the will of some god. We do object to it because they risk other people's money, property, efforts, even life. Besides they are stupid expressions of the empty heads, with lots of money, the 'Golden Sheep', the unhappy because of too much money. What is there against you not putting on a safety belt while driving? Well, when you risk a brain damage unnecessarily, an expensive treatment in hospital, whether insured or not, society pays for it. You are allowed to take such risks when you (can) pay for it 'out of your own pocket', AND provided that nobody else is risked for your pleasure. In mountaneous countries, it is logical that there should be a group of experienced men, available on call, for those cases of people or children being lost. But on no account should they risk their lives for tourists or pleasure climbers.

Ven 2007-09-11