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Elaboration 43

Learning, so much is obvious, is the incorporation of past events into present (or future) behaviour. Less obvious but equally fundamental is that all ideation is learning, is therefore, knowing the past, and project it on the operations at hand. One has to know, as cell even, that there is an internal depletion (past event) in order to know (present or future) to do something about it. When we realise that the present does not exist, is merely a trick of ideation, every idea, when it 'is' must be past, must be: 'just has happened'. The continuous state of unwell-being then is a continuous reminder of the past, is simply called hunger (nausea, pain, etc.). Ideation (life, mind, etc.) 'is' memory, 'is' knowing history, 'is' learning.

Ven 2007-09-11