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Elaboration 44

It is known that during the first open act of war by Nazi-Germany, the Rhineland occupation, there were strict orders to turn tail when a shot was fired by the (World War 1) allies. This shot need not have killed a man at all. Had it been fired however, Hitler would not have been able to triumph over his generals who, for this very act of war, shrank back. Instead, Hitler would have been either assassinated, or arrested, as we know now. By showing a stern hand, the allies could easily have prevented World War 2, only, ... this was not to the liking of the disarmers, i.e. the electorate. The governing persons in the allied camp, of course, wanted to be re-elected so they took no risk of upsetting the electorate, of becoming unpopular. Remember ..., 60 million deaths.

Ven 2007-09-11