Melody Generator

a device for tonal melody generation


Melody Generator is a tool for the construction of (tonal) melodies. Melody Generator runs on Macintosh and Windows platforms and can be downloaded freely (see below).

This is the interface showing the different panes associated with the three main functions of the system Generation, Display/Play, and Store/Save:

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  1. Generation

A melody is conceived as consisting of a number of Parts. At present Melody Generator comprises three models of Melody generation: Attraction, Chord-based, Scale-based. See User's Guide for detailed information
Each Part is generated in a number of phases: Construction, Editing, Re-arranging, and Transforming:

Construction is performed in the Melody Construction pane, shown above. Each aspect of a Part can be generated repeatedly and the results inspected. A melody can also be based upon a 'Form'. By pushing the 'Done' button the construction of a Part is terminated.

Editing Notes can be added by right-clicking on an empty slot, notes can be removed or modified by right-clicking on a note:
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A melody can be elaborated and transposed. Elaboration may again be removed:

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Arrange After one or more Parts have been generated, Parts can be removed, moved and duplicated (right-click in the Part):


Transform After a Part has been finished you can apply one or more transformations. These are are most useful for making variations of a Part:


Here are a few examples of melodies generated by Melody Generator:

  1. Display/Play

Each step in the construction of a melody is displayed in the Melody pane and can be played with the parameter settings in the Play parameters pane.

  1. Store/Save

Melodies can be stored temporarily in the Melody Store pane. Melodies can be saved to disk in MIDI format and mg2 format.

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